No Holds Barred Poetry Writing Challenge: Day 14

a man touching a woman's eye with a bruise

My Opinionated Love

What is a good guy? Bitter.
A manipulator. A scam.
Ladies, you’re tired of being
punching bags, sex kittens?
Don’t be fooled
when a good guy exchanges
slaps for kisses,
fucking for making love.

You have a price to pay
when choosing a good guy.
You are every woman
who has ever denied him
wrapped into one docile package.
Acquiesce to his every request—
he is the good guy.

This is not control, this is me showing I love you . . .
I call you every hour of every day because I love you . . .
I watch your house for unwanted guests because I love you . . .
I keep you from other men because I love you . . .

Prove you love him too.
Don’t be stupid—
all men are evil
but him.
You want love? Here is your option.
Show him respect—
he is the good guy.

Make love to him because you love him . . .
Share a home with him because you love him . . .
Shut out family, friends (men, especially) because you love him . . .
Die because you love him.

© 2015 Nortina Simmons

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