Published Works

Waiting for the Day, Christmas Day | Amazon Kindle Vella
The personal journeys of six friends leading up to a Christmas wedding

“Clouded Memories” | Cease, Cows
A mother’s worsening dementia blurs the lines between imagination and reality…

“Folly” | Minerva Rising: “Sparrow’s Trill — Race in America”
After the officer-involved shooting death of his father, an African American youth seeks healing in the mysteriously blue waters of Folly Beach, SC.

“Full Court Drama” | Agave Magazine
Two girls attempt to play a prank on a confused old man living in their neighborhood, and get more than they were ready for…

“How to Cure the Flu” | Meat for Tea: Vol. 9 Issue 2: Fond
A nostalgic poem about a popular home remedy: Mama’s soup

“Necro-Lovers,” “Smelling the Roses” | FishFood Magazine
Two poems exploring the consequences of falling for someone who is dead inside and fondling someone else’s flowers.

“Second Coming” | Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal
A skeptical college student and her fanatic mother await their fate with the rest of the world as an asteroid approaches amidst talk of the end of days.

“With Those Bulging Eyes” | felan Issue 2: Fear
A poem about teenage pregnancy and abortion.