Serial Stories

A collection of all serial stories published on the blog. Click the left arrow to read from the beginning.

26 Husbands—26 Unusual Deaths

While visiting her grandmother at the retirement home where she resides, Meg finally gets the story of the 26 men her grandmother married and how they all died mysterious deaths…

A Drabble for a Tag

A one-night stand with a dark and dangerous stranger turns into a fight for survival in this series of drabbles (100-word stories) inspired by unused blog tags.

A Town Called Oceanview

There’s something off about this town called Oceanview. Something off about its name and something off about its citizens. He can’t quite put his finger on it. He can’t quite put his finger on anything. Not even his name…

This series was inspired by an original short story that I dreamed would one day be turned into a television series—if there weren’t so many similar ones already on TV today. Hopefully mine wouldn’t get canceled after one season…

Buried Series

She’s desperate to please, and he’s desperate to keep a secret that could change both their lives buried. How far are they willing to go to get what they want?

Christmas Spirit

Returning home drunk from an office Christmas party, a woman stumbles upon the aftermath of a tragic suicide. When she wakes the next morning, she discovers she is being haunted by the young victim’s ghost.

Group Therapy

A mother and a father, both mourning the loss of their respective children, meet at a group therapy session for other parents struggling with grief and begin an affair.

Therapy Sessions

Scenes between a therapist and her patient who is battling depression, relationship woes, and crippling insecurities.