NoHoldsBarredPoetryWritingChallenge Day 26: In the cool dampness

In the cool dampness
of the early morning fog,
I think of you and wonder, 
does the mist on your
cheek make you cry too?

© 2022 Nortina Simmons

NoHoldsBarredPoetryWritingChallenge Day 20: Winter wet dream

Dear, rose, fill this blue Christmas
with violets. Love is stagnant in
this winter storm. Frigid air clings
to my bones. My teeth chatter like
an audience in a crowded auditorium
waiting for the show to begin.
Show me love. Tease me, caress me,
please me. Spread my legs and let
spring bloom before the ice sets.
Aren't you cold? Yes, numb to your
touch, but inside I'm burning up.
Come inside me—I'm burning up.

© 2022 Nortina Simmons

NoHoldsBarredPoetryWritingChallenge Day 6: Happy Anniversary

Love Katauta 

the number six, one
off from completion, but six
years this day, you made me whole

© 2022 Nortina Simmons

*Dedicated to my cousin celebrating her six-year wedding anniversary with her husband today.

**This poem is a katauta (half-poem), a 3-line poem that follows either 5-7-5 or 5-7-7 syllables per line. Considered incomplete, it is usually paired with another katauta to form a sedoka, which acts as a question and answer conversation between two lovers.