Friday the 13th

“I think I’m cursed,” Mel says as she slips another form-fitting dress over her narrow hips. “Of all days, he picks Friday the 13th for our first date. I mean, what does that even mean?”

“That he wants to go out with you.” Which is more than I can say for myself. Hungover, still leery of tight spaces. The only reason I can think of for why she’s dragged me into this fitting room with her is to show off a body I’ve always been envious of.

Yet she says she’s cursed.

I don’t tell her about last night. I’d rather forget it ever happened. But the truth is… Even as I try to push it from my mind, I can’t help but get this sinking feeling…

That I left someone down there to die.


A to Z Challenge theme: A Drabble for a Tag

This year, I’m giving you 26 drabbles or 100-word stories (this one went slightly over) using some of my favorite unused or underused tags.

Today’s tag is “Friday the 13th.”

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