#BlaPoWriMo: 90th Birthday Revisited

Not quite a century,
but a lifetime of memories.
Just turned 90,
but living like he’s 60.
A daughter, a son,
four grandchildren,
and two great-grand heirs,
all responsible for every one
of his gray hairs.
What makes a birthday
memorable when you’ve
celebrated eighty-nine?
Thanking God 
for the blessing of time.
Time to spend with cherished 
loved ones and friends,
never worrying
about when it will end.
Because a life like this 
is one that will last,
in our hearts, in our minds,
in reminiscing the past.
So many happy returns, CM dear, 
cheers to another fulfilling year.
Make a wish,
blow out the candles.
Hey, pop the cork— 
you’re old enough—
and enjoy this birthday
celebration from all of us.

© 2019-2023 Nortina Simmons

Originally written for my Granddaddy’s 90th birthday. He’ll be 94 next month. Do you think if I change a couple words (“a great-grand heir” became “two great-grand heirs” in 2021) and send it to him again, he’ll remember?

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Bloganuary Day 28

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberries are not in season.
Early Spring still holds Winter's frost.

Every mid-March I crave them 
atop homemade bundt cake,

with whipped cream, lit candles, 
and the "Happy Birthday" song.

© 2023 Nortina Simmons

NoHoldsBarredPoetryWritingChallenge Day 7: Happy Birthday, Mama

Many happy returns
to the woman who bore me,
lent me her face,
her freckles, her nose,
the hair I turned gray,
the old torn up robe.

You pushed me 
from your womb, 
seven pounds and early,
but to you I'm still baby
even though I'm now thirty.

Sweetest birthday wishes,
Mother, who knows best.
Your warm hugs and kisses
have made me feel blessed.

© 2022 Nortina Simmons

Birthdays after 21 suck…

man with party hat celebrating birthday alone

Today my baby cousin—whom I call my son because I dreamt of his birth before my cousin even announced that she was pregnant—is turning one, and though he more than likely won’t remember this birthday, I have one piece of advice for the little guy: Enjoy these while you’re young because once you get to be my age, birthdays pretty much suck.

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