Sunset Motel (Part 6)

Continued from Marriage Counseling

It was never my house. I suppose I don’t miss it. But to be locked out with only the clothes on my back and change in my purse seems cruel.

Group therapy at one; I tell them my husband and I have separated. They promise me reconciliation, but across the refreshments table, I meet his gaze.

Sunset Motel, where lovers rendezvous in secret, is a block away from the church basement.

I’m already naked when he arrives.

word count: 77
Up Next: Part 7 (Conclusion) – Caught in the Wind

© 2017-2023 Nortina Simmons

In addition to being Black History Month, February is also the month of love. ❤ So to count down to Valentine’s Day, the one holiday I love to hate, I’ve decided to repost my Group Therapy series. It’s a story about two grieving parents who find love in the unlikeliest of places. I hope you enjoy.

Note: The link for part 7 will work when the post is published tomorrow.


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