#BlaPoWriMo: God is not a Republican

I’ll be your thug if you’ll be my terrorist.
We’ll sing Negro spirituals and call to prayer

a nation that worships a White-skinned,
blue-eyed, gun-wielding Republican Jesus,

who shrouds massacred children in a star-
spangled banner riddled with bullet holes.

They’ll call your Isa a sand nigga,
my Yeshua an Antifa socialist.

They’ll say God is an American,
but God came back years ago.

He raptured the thugs and the terrorists and
the Antifa socialists and the schoolchildren

mangled by shrapnel into the clouds,
while the Patriots stay behind and

await their sacred White savior. A figment.
Maybe they’ll have better luck with a golden calf.

© 2023 Nortina Simmons

Welcome to Day 5 of Black Poetry Writing Month (aka BlaPoWriMo)! BlaPoWriMo is a month-long challenge to write a poem every day during the month of February (Black History Month) related to Black history, Black people, or the Black experience.

Today’s optional prompt is: Write a poem of defiance.


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