#BlaPoWriMo: What color is my skin?

illustration of stylish black woman in shades wearing a head wrap. Background color matches her skin tone
Blend shades
of nude—No. 450,
tan, medium, light—
neutral undertones,
cool undertones,
warm peach—
Do I look better 
in gold or silver?
Odyssey of the tragic
mullato mapped on
my skin—not Black
enough, but not
quite White either.
My bathroom cabinet
stores enough
foundation to hold
a house, but 
on my face, I'm as 
oxidized as the orange
toupee-wearing fat 
bastard who tried to 
put the "white" back in
White House 
and held the Bible
upside down while
rubber bullets 
rained down on
freedom activists
whose misery extends 
far beyond makeup 
that doesn't

© 2023 Nortina Simmons

Welcome to Day 4 of Black Poetry Writing Month (aka BlaPoWriMo)! BlaPoWriMo is a month-long challenge to write a poem every day during the month of February (Black History Month) related to Black history, Black people, or the Black experience.

Today’s optional prompt is: Write a poem of introspection.


Let me know I'm not talking to myself.

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