Bloganuary Day 30

Today’s Bloganuary question asks us, “What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?”

Well, first I would have to ask myself why am I writing this autobiography? Because truthfully, I don’t find my life all that interesting.

When I consider the qualifications for who should write an autobiography, I expect the author to be one of the following:

  1. Someone famous
  2. Someone who made a significant contribution to history
  3. Someone who started from nothing (possibly had a traumatic upbringing or came from a troubled background) and completely turned their life around
  4. Someone who has a message to share based on the things they’ve learned in life

I guess I would fall into category 4, and my message would most likely be about accepting the “right” kind of love. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, and the first thing I ever wrote was a love ballad with my dad. Despite this, I’ve had some soul-crushing heartbreaks. The first one, ironically, coming at the hands of my dad.

However, through these whirlwind romances, I’ve learned so much more about myself: what I will accept and what I will absolutely not tolerate; how to value my self-worth; how to love myself unconditionally so that whenever I realize that a man loves me less, I know he’s not worth my time; how to recognize that I am the prize, not him; and how to accept that no man can ever fill the emptiness in my heart but that the fulfillment I’m so desperately searching for can only be found in Jesus Christ

So with that being said, the chapters of my autobiography may go a little something like this:

Chapter 1 – Daddy’s Little Girl

Chapter 2 – Little Girl Lost

Chapter 3 – All the Boys

Chapter 4 – The Epic “Toxic” Love

Chapter 5 – The Only Thing I Regret

Chapter 6 – Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Chapter 7 – Trapped

Chapter 8 – Turning to God

Chapter 9 – Minor Relapse

Chapter 10 – Rededicated, Refocused, Restored

Chapter 11 – What Do You Have to Offer Me?

Chapter 12 – The One

That’s it for me tonight, guys! I’ll see you tomorrow for the final day of Bloganuary. I’d be lying if I told you I’m not happy it’s almost over. 😉

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