Bloganuary Day 4

A Treasure Lost: A Poem

You were my first love.
You lived in my heart,
came as you pleased,
and ran away when I 
begged you to stay.

But always you came back,
like a lost puppy with
his tail between his legs—
Until you didn't, and I
stalked the neighborhood,
posted flyers, whistled 
your name in the wind.

Never did I think to look
for you in her bed. You 
layed root in her womb 
as the cobwebs inside 
me frayed in the 
hallow emptiness. 

Darkest of nights 
surrounds me now. 
Still, I leave the floodlight 
on to guide you home
with wagging tail and 
hanging tongue. I'll
welcome you in with
open arms, lend you 
my face to lick,
my heart to pierce.

© 2023 Nortina Simmons


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