Lost in the Twilight Zone Marathon | S2 Ep 8 | An Undeserving World

They are still undeserving.

Sixty years later, I return bearing gifts. Again, I land in Mexico, but this time I cross the border into the fabled “land of the free.”

“This gift is a cure to the disease that has ravaged your planet,” I tell all who will listen.

Immediately I am detained and put on a bus destined for the capital.

But it is not to present me officially to their head of state.

“Let that liberal president figure out what to do with you then,” the men in uniform sneer.

“Will you not accept my gift?”

“Ha! Go back to your shithole country!”

Photo by Laker on Pexels.com

I quickly learn that I have become a pawn in their political games.

But what of the people onboard with me? The innocent? The sick? The lonely in search of their families?

“Ha, go back to your country,” the soldier’s voice echoes in my head.

After three days on a bus to nowhere with no working air conditioning, packed like spoons with aliens by a different definition with no access to a clean bathroom, who haven’t washed for days, who sit now in their own excrement in a foreign land, not knowing the language to understand that this country of promise, of opportunity, has not accepted them, or my gift, I contact my people back home.

“They are still undeserving, but these I will bring back with me.”

With their blood, I connect them with their loved ones and beam all aboard my ship. And to them alone I offer my gift.

“Come home to a place where there is no sickness or disease or division or hatred based on race. All are one, and all are welcome.”

We leave as the world below dies slowly. They will not realize the salvation they’ve lost until it is too late.

© 2022 Nortina Simmons

This hour’s episode is brought to you by The Twilight Zone episode “The Gift.”


4 thoughts on “Lost in the Twilight Zone Marathon | S2 Ep 8 | An Undeserving World

  1. Hey Nortina! Happy New Year! My hubby and I spent all day watching Twilight Zone. I love these episodes! I also did an article over on Medium about “The Mind and the Matter” and “Number 12 Looks Just Like You”.

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