NoHoldsBarredPoetryWritingChallenge Day 27: Debacle of the ‘leftover’ mac and cheese

overhead shot of a plate of mac and cheese

The morning after Thanksgiving I wake up craving leftover mac and cheese—only, we didn’t eat the traditional feast this year. Sure, there was turkey, but we chose corn chowder over mac, casserole over stuffing, yams baked rather than candied. But I have all the ingredients—the milk, the cheese, the elbows. No one has to know it’s not actually leftovers— only, the milk is low, so I add vegetable broth, and I’m all out of cheddar cheese, so the ricotta, pepper jack, and parmesan will have to do. The noodles are…the jumbo size. Did I bother to read the box? The cheese sauce looks way too soupy. I’ll add two beaten eggs and bake it in the oven at three hundred and fifty degrees for thirty minutes. It’ll taste…


Well, at least I didn’t experiment on Thanksgiving.

© 2022 Nortina Simmons


2 thoughts on “NoHoldsBarredPoetryWritingChallenge Day 27: Debacle of the ‘leftover’ mac and cheese

  1. 😂, that video! Man, I was about to grab a pen and paper because I thought you’d stumbled across a new recipe. LOL

    We also didn’t have a traditional Thanksgiving this year. We had rotisserie chicken instead of turkey, and no yams at all. But one of my honorary kids made his mac-and-cheese (which, he refuses to share the recipe for), and it was DELICIOUS! The leftovers did not last at all! 😁

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    1. Haha! Noo! That is a recipe that should be thrown out and burned! It was so bad! I knew as soon as I added the veggie broth I messed up, but I had to follow through lol.

      I’m glad someone had a good plate of mac & cheese this Thanksgiving. There’s always Christmas for me to try again, but I’ll do it the right way, no experimenting 😀

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