Lost in the Twilight Zone Marathon | Ep 6 | Consent

*Trigger Warning: SA*

Prom night, and this time I know Alina will let me hit. I’ve got the liquid encouragement. It’s foolproof, a guarantee. “She’ll do whatever you say,” the salesman promised me, and it didn’t cost me a thing.

Only my soul.

But joke’s on the devil, because I don’t plan on dying soon.

Getting her to drink it is tricky. Girls these days are hesitant to take a drink from a guy unsolicited. So I spike the punch instead.

By the third slow jam, I’m hard as a rock and leading her out the back door of our school gymnasium to my car, and in the passenger seat, I’m on top of her with my togue half-way down her windpipe, one hand under her dress, and the other fumbling around in the glove compartment for the pack of Magnums. When I feel it, I temporarily break away and bite into the foil to rip the condom out.

“Wait,” she says, looking behind her.

I turn her chin. “Do whatever I say,” I repeat the words of my benefactor and hike up her dress.

There’s a knock on the window, and sudden panic at the thought that it could be a parent chaperone or an assistant principal forces me to stuff my dick back in my pants and roll down the window.

It’s just Tina, the beast of a volleyball captain, who could easily be a linebacker if the football team accepted girls.

“What do you want?”

She grabs me by the lapels and yanks me out of the car through the window like I’m a rag doll.

“The fuck, girl?” Goddamn, I didn’t know she was that strong.

“Russell, did I ever tell you how hot you look in a tux?”


She rips open my shirt—buttons flying—and teeth first, dives straight for my chest…


When I wake in Hell, the devil says in a mocking voice, “Did I forget to mention?” His laugh starts low and guttural and slowly grows into a roaring cackle that echos through the caverns. “You only needed one drop. Use too much, and they’ll eat your heart out!”

© 2021 Nortina Simmons

Ever notice in the Twilight Zone episode “The Chaser” the alchemist that Roger buys the love potion from is named Professor A. Daemon? Subtle, Rod Serling, very subtle. Makes sense since the guy is robbing a woman of her consent.

Also, my inspiration for the devil character is the truly deceptive genie from “The Man in the Bottle.” Play this scene while you’re reading the final paragraph. Doesn’t he make the perfect devil?


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