Lost in the Twilight Zone Marathon | Ep 16 | Damned

The thing about selling your soul to the devil—he’s never satisfied with just one. Sure, you’ve got the money, the power. You’re the head of the free world, subjectively speaking.

But now you’re under contract. Your assignment, bring him more souls or be damned.

It’s easy to brainwash a nation of people. Just tell them they’re an endangered species, they’re losing their country to foreigners and feminists. They’ll topple their own government under a false sense of patriotism.

But when is enough enough for the fallen angel with a pitchfork?

Tonight, he’ll slither into your dreams, demand an accounting.

“I gave you 74 million!” you’ll exclaim.

But unless you’re ready to meet the fiery flames now, it’s not enough.

It will never be enough.

© 2021 Nortina Simmons

Disclaimer: In no way am I saying a certain person of a certain political persuasion, is doomed to a certain place of eternal punishment. I’m just saying, what if we took the Civil War-era Twilight Zone episode “Still Valley” and put it in today’s political climate…


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