Morning Inspiration: Writing Prompt No. 5

Good morning! Rise and shine! May I borrow a minute of your time for some quick inspiration?

Feeling stuck? I’ve been there—I still go there sometimes. Been living the same day on repeat since March 2020? Right there with you, hon! These last 2 years have been tough; finding the inspiration to write, even harder. And the holidays can easily be the most depressing time of year for some. But I’m here to lift you out of your funk, because as hard as it is to start writing, once those creative juices start flowing, it’s quite therapeutic! You can do it!

Today’s Prompt

Here’s to hoping for a brighter tomorrow with today’s prompt:


My Inspired Story

The ocean is bluer than the sky.

I could get lost in it—

Lost in your eyes.

Time for Yours

Now it’s your turn! Use your inspiration from either the word or photo prompt (or both) above and write whatever comes to mind! Fiction, poetry, prose, random ramblings—you pick! Drop it in the comments below or post on your own blog and link it back here. I hope you’re inspired!

Let me know I'm not talking to myself.

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