A Kiss in Your Pocket (Bonus Post): Nude (#AtoZChallenge #LovePoetry)

Love Tanka #10

Show me everything,
baby, and I’ll remove my clothes—
tonight we’ll learn all
there is of one another,
from our heads to our toes

2019© Nortina Simmons

Here’s another bonus post for the A to Z Challenge, this one inspired by the “M” and “N” sedoka pair. Again, this isn’t necessarily part of my A Kiss in Your Pocket theme, but the muse has definitely been talkative since I started this project, so I’m letting her take over and guide my pen…err…fingers. 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Kiss in Your Pocket (Bonus Post): Nude (#AtoZChallenge #LovePoetry)

  1. Show me every inch of you
    Show me how you’re made
    Expose to me the hidden bits
    The secrets you won’t trade
    Show me what you’re hiding
    From your head down to your toes
    Show me all the special things
    The things nobody knows
    Show me where you’re going
    And where you’ve been so far
    When you show me what’s inside of you
    You’ll show me who you are


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