He agrees to take me home.

He just confessed to murdering multiple women…

And he agrees to take me home.

What is it about me that has spared my life? What am I to him but a drunken one-night stand? A mistake, given my history. And yet, he seems suspiciously protective of me.

I give him Mel’s address. Mainly because I don’t want him to know where I live, but also because I fear I may invite him in if he were at my doorstep.

Even with a body in the trunk.

Maybe Mel was right about my self-destructive habits.

© 2018 Nortina Simmons

A to Z Challenge theme: A Drabble for a Tag

This year, I’m giving you 26 drabbles (100-word stories) using some of my favorite unused or underused tags.

Today’s tag is “question.”

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