Something’s off about him. And I’m not just talking about his missing finger…

Part of his finger—the tip actually. A freak accident while chopping onions, he says.

“You know how they say onions make you cry…”

“Maybe you should stick to takeout and leftovers from now on.” I stare at his bandage, wonder if the red is from his cut bleeding through or the rare steak on his plate.

“Well done is overcooked in my book.”

“It still has a pulse.”

I’ve lost my appetite, watching him chomp on raw meat, lick his bleeding finger.

It all seems… off.

© 2018 Nortina Simmons

A to Z Challenge theme: A Drabble for a Tag

This year, I’m giving you 26 drabbles (100-word stories) using some of my favorite unused or underused tags.

Today’s tag is “leftovers.”

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