Dream Interpretation

I had a dream once. Haven’t we all? Dreamt once? About love, loss, things we fear most.

Silly that I think of this dream now, a dream so far in the past that I care not to remember what aroused it.

But as I descend the stairs to his basement, floorboards creaking beneath my feet, I can’t ignore that the knocking, growing louder as I approach, causes the same shortness of breath as that dream.

There’s a second door on the back wall, hidden in shadow. Whoever’s behind it senses my presence. The beating quickens, and so does my heart.

© 2018 Nortina Simmons

A to Z Challenge theme: A Drabble for a Tag

This year, I’m giving you 26 drabbles (~100-word stories) using some of my favorite unused or underused tags.

Today’s tag is “dream interpretation.”

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