Monday’s One-Minute Fiction: Week of October 2

Rise and shine! Time to get out your stop watches, exercise your typing fingers, and pick your brains for some creativity.

If you’re on the US east coast, it’s 8 AM, which means if you are still in the bed, hitting that snooze button for the thirtieth time, GET UP! You’re going to be late. I know everyone hates Mondays, but let’s make use of this last minute of free time—between brushing your teeth and throwing on a wrinkly pair of pants you hope don’t make you look too much like a bum—and get motivated for this Monday morning and the week ahead.

Monday’s One-Minute Fiction challenges you to write a complete micro-fiction piece in, you guessed it, one minute, no more, no less, based on the prompt provided! Of course, you can come back to edit for grammar & spelling, but the story itself must be written in a minute.

Your prompt may be a photo, or a word, or a sentence—whatever inspires me, and hopefully inspires you too.

It’s finally October, which means the best part of the year is here: the holiday season! But hold your horses. I know they’re rushing out the Christmas decorations in the stores, and I’ll probably try to find some sweet deals on lights and ornaments while it’s still early, but here on the blog, we do things in order. First it’s Halloween and all things scary. Then it’s Thanksgiving and all things gluttonous. And finally Christmas, my favorite holiday (and not because I get presents either).

So, let’s kick things off with Halloween and this week’s scary one-word prompt . . .


Now it’s time for the rules. I don’t have many, because we all know rules are no fun, but here are the basic logistics for each challenge:

  • Write your story in one minute. (Use a stop watch to keep yourself honest. 😉 )
  • Post it to your blog and tag it #1MinFiction.
  • Link it back to this prompt post.

And that’s it! Let’s get to writing, shall we? And…

Ready . . .

Set . . .


5 thoughts on “Monday’s One-Minute Fiction: Week of October 2

  1. The problem that I have is, in order to write I have to stop – go outside, return to writing, stop again, wash the dishes, return to writing, stop again look at the lawn pick up some leaves, return to writing etc. etc. I cant do a 1 minute straight run, I don’t know why! Is the stopping of the stopwatch acceptable?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! At least one of those stops doesn’t include social media. That’s my biggest problem– YouTube specifically. I could watch YouTube videos all day.

      The stopping of the stopwatch is fine. As long as you can get it written within 1 minute . . . however long that takes. 😉


      1. I deleted my facebook account. I was tired of people spreading memes that mean nothing and then getting annoyed at me talking the truth about life! I don’t ever do youtube on the computer (other than to find reference material or download a video because I need the audio track) If I have anything that I want to watch I youtube it on the TV. And watch during my dedicated TV downtime. I have to have a facebook page for my business, but I don’t really use it other than to check up on potential clients and verify their identities etc.


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