Caught in the Wind (Conclusion)

Continued from Sunset Motel

I still want a baby.

As we lie in bed, day three of our weekend romp, I think to ask for his sperm, for both our sakes, but my voice is caught in the wind blowing through the open window.

He rolls to his side. “I think I love you.”

We both know it’s a lie, but it feels right for the moment.

I lean in, kiss him, and he inserts himself inside me one last time.

word count: 77


The challenge is to blog every other day June 17 through June 30, using the theme or prompts as inspiration.

The theme is seven, so I’m posting a series of seven stories at seventy-seven words each. Each day also has a prompt based on a famous book title, and while I’ve unfortunately never read any of the books listed, I think I can work with the funny play on words.

Today’s prompt is: The Call of the Wind

I hope you enjoyed this series of short-shorts! I truly had fun writing and sharing them with you. While this ending doesn’t feel final, when it comes to fiction, is there ever truly and “ending” anyway? I just might bring these characters back one day, maybe even for the next Bar-A-Thon challenge. 😉

If you’re just coming in at the end, read all seven shorts from the beginning here.

2 thoughts on “Caught in the Wind (Conclusion)

  1. Breathless. I had to keep reading through these, so I couldn’t stop to comment on each one. So evocative, they just kept pulling me along. Maybe your main character was unnamed because you only had 77 words, but it felt so perfect because she represents so many people. You couldn’t give her too many names. Great stuff, thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve convinced you! 😀 I’m glad you stayed all the way through. Serials can be quite daunting, but I think the overall story started to form in my head at around post #2 and it was so alluring with each new prompt, I couldn’t stop until I finished it! So thanks for reading!

      Btw- oddly enough, I don’t always name my characters. I guess I like the mystery that she can be anyone, and anyone can get wrapped up in the story and the character. 🙂


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