Sweet Shop (Part 2)

Continued from Group Therapy

We meet in the café on the riverfront. He devours his slice of apple pie, and I am tempted to lick the crumbs from the corner of his mouth.

“I was driving,” he recounts, “left without a scratch.”

“Do you ever want another?” I think about my husband, away on business. We’ve been married ten years and I still know not what he does.

He stares, then nods.

“Come home with me.”

My bed is so cold.

word count: 77
Up Next: Part 3 – Empty Mansion


The challenge is to blog every other day June 17 through June 30, using the theme or prompts as inspiration.

The theme is seven, so I’m posting a series of seven stories at seventy-seven words each. Each day also has a prompt based on a famous book title, and while I’ve unfortunately never read any of the books listed, I think I can work with the funny play on words.

Today’s prompt is: Life of Pie

So I hope you enjoyed this quick short-short, and be sure to come back on Wednesday for the continuation!

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