Group Therapy (Part 1)

“I’m 37 years old, and I want to have a baby.”

And my husband hasn’t touched me in seven months, but I fear appearing selfish in front of these underprivileged, who’ve lost children to leukemia, car seats not strapped in.

“My wife and daughter died in a crash with a semi,” says the widower, whose fingers I brushed at the refreshments table, we both going for the same blueberry scone.

I’m not uncaring, but his eyes are tantalizing.

word count: 77
Up Next: Part 2 – Sweet Shop


As if I haven’t had enough with challenges these past few months, here’s another one…

The challenge is to blog every other day June 17 through June 30, using the theme or prompts given for each post day as inspiration.

The theme is seven and the prompts are based on famous book titles, and would you believe I’ve never read a single one of those books? (Don’t shoot me!) Needless to say, I’ll be focusing on seven. Seven stories at seventy-seven words each.

But for those of you who are curious, today’s prompt is: The Fault in Our Stares

…get it?

Sometimes I end up following the prompt even when I don’t mean to. 😀

15 thoughts on “Group Therapy (Part 1)

  1. You have got my attention. Would love to read what happens next. Glad to find your blog throug the challenge.


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