I Think I Do

“What happened to us?”

I wish I had an answer for him. I twist the engagement ring around my finger. A diamond egg on white gold. Some days it’s heavier than my hand, like the weight of the promise I made to Larry.

“Do you love him?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It does.” He reaches across the table and snatches my hand, inspects the ring as if a jeweler.

I ball my fist. “We just drifted apart.” Truthfully I don’t remember why we broke up—a fight, a misunderstanding, something he did, or I. Larry came soon after, swept me right off my feet. He’s everything I should want in a husband. He has a well-paying job, owns a house; he’s a godly man, a tither, and respects his mother.

But he’s not Dom.

“As much as I love you.” He squeezes my hand. The edge of the oversized ring digs into the side of my middle finger. I feel it piercing skin.”Look at me,” he says. I wince and try to pulled away, but his grip tightens. “I still love you, Charlotte.”

“Please, Dom! The wedding’s tomorrow.”

“You haven’t married him yet. There’s still a chance for us. You wouldn’t have met me here if there wasn’t. Give me a reason why we shouldn’t be.”

I looked down at my hand as he slowly draws the ring off my finger. I feel his eyes on me, watching me, waiting for me to stop him. I don’t. It hits the floor, and the echo is so loud, it’s as if the entire restaurant pauses to listen.

This isn’t right. But who knows the difference between right and wrong anymore? Every moment I shared with Dom felt right, from our first kiss freshman year in health class, to now, at this dinner meant for closure, where he caresses my naked ring finger and waits for me to tell him what I’ve always wanted to say.



It is Short Story A Day May! Today’s prompt, “Self-Reflection,” comes from Stuart Horwitz. And with that, week one of Short Story a Day is done! I hope you liked this story, because I’ve gotten a bit sick of the sad love stories. Fingers crossed that tomorrow’s prompt will be good, because I need a change…

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