English #frapalywo: Living Home

House comes alive
in heat of summer.
Walls creak with
sweat of chipped
paint. Above my
head a rotating
pendulum, a steady
murmur, circulates
thick, humid air.
I shower to cool,
let the water rain
down, kiss away
the stickiness
of skin, slick
with perspiration.
Steam rises, fogs
the mirror. I clear
a path in the
glass. Behind
me a bump—
something falls.
Always when I am
alone, I never
quite feel alone.

© 2017 Nortina Simmons

Written for English #frapalywo. #Frapalywo is a German poetry challenge for Mrs. Paulchen’s poetry week. All this week, we are writing poems about our theme, noise. Today’s prompt is “in being alone.” Ever notice how something always goes *bump* right when you step in the shower?

Let me know I'm not talking to myself.

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