English #frapalywo: Heartbeat

We lay together under the apple tree
counting the thuds as apples fall,
ripe as my love for him. He seeks the
equation for gravity in the force by
which they hit the ground, digging his
fingernails into the dirt, pulling up
clumps of earth in his palms. Every
living thing has a heartbeat.
extends his hand, and I plant an
apple into the soil, take a bite as
he holds my head against his chest.

© 2017 Nortina Simmons

Written for English #frapalywo. All this week, we’re writing poems about noise. Today’s prompt is “under the tree.”

3 thoughts on “English #frapalywo: Heartbeat

    1. It’a actually German. It translates to mean Frau Paulchen’s (or Miss Paulchen’s) Lyric (or poetry) week. I follow a blogger who used to translate the prompts into English for anyone who wanted to participate, but her blog seems to be on hiatus right now, so I’m depending on Google Translate to get the prompts for now.


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