A Misunderstanding

I was never mad at her. How could I be? Mina was to become my wife in less than two weeks.

“You lying sonofabitch!”

I guess all women believe their miserable girlfriends over their fiancés. Apparently not getting piped in over a year makes you think clearer. Bitch Sherry. She has date with my sissy’s fist pretty soon. I don’t hit women.

I can’t help my sailor’s talk. I grew up in a house where fuck was used every other word. Pops damned everything he touched, including himself when he drove his ’96 Impala off the Jiminy Creek River Bridge with a Budweiser in his lap.

I woke up the next morning to Mina’s engagement ring left on my nightstand, half the closet empty. She even took my DeMarco Murray jersey — pre Philly debacle. She always did think that was hers.

2 thoughts on “A Misunderstanding

  1. Interesting take Nortina. Sounds like they have communication issues and he needs to watch his mouth. Also, I’d say she doesn’t trust her fiancé if she believes her friend more.

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