slice of cheesecake on a plate

“Room for dessert?” the perky waitress asks.

“Ah, I’m stuffed.” Rico rubs his round stomach in a circular motion.

“C’mon. We have cheesecake, apple pie à la mode, chocolate lava cake,” she lists, counting on her fingers. “Ooh! And a red velvet cake to die for!”

“Sounds delicious, but I’m trying this diet—”

“Diet? You look great! Splurge a little.” She nudges his elbow. Rico suspects flirting with customers is part of her job description.

“Well, one slice of cheesecake wouldn’t hurt.”

Rico finishes only half. His stomach stretches taut. The bathroom calls him, but he can barely stand.

© 2016 Nortina Simmons



3 thoughts on “Overeater

  1. That lying waitress, lol. Yes, we have to know our limits. I work with a lot of people like this. There’s cake and cookies and all kinds of fattening stuff in there everyday. If I ate it all I’d be 600 lbs!


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