Empty Space

person wearing blue long sleeved shirt while raising hands

Hate comes in air bubbles
injected in the bloodstream
with soiled needles
of syringes tainted by
A venomous pocket of gas
Lodges into the heart,
creates an empty space, void of
Indoctrinates a man to raise
a gun before God,
massacre the children
who worship Him.

© 2015 Nortina Simmons


2 thoughts on “Empty Space

  1. It is beyond heart-breaking to see all of the hatred and violence and murder in the world. It saddens me and sickens me. There are days when I feel so much hope and there are days when I feel like I’m fooling myself. Anyway, thank you for sharing your heart and this poem with us!

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    1. I feel as though our world has regressed. It’s like I’m living in a history textbook. I don’t know if it’s 2015 or 1960, and that’s sad. I really hope things will change for the better, but the only way that will happen is when people open their eyes and recognize that something’s wrong. Stop making excuses. Anyway, that’s my rant for the day. Thanks for reading!


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