Prom Night

trees on a dark forest

“After he raped her, she hung herself on that tree,” Brian pointed to a tree looming over the creek bridge. “The limb snapped under her dead weight. They found her in the water the next morning.”

“Where’d she get the rope?” Roxanne asked.

“She tore off the hem of her dress.”

“Why does every small town have a prom night ghost story?” Jake asked.

“Parents’ twisted scheme to keep their kids from having sex,” Roxanne said.

A sharp shrill came from the tree stump behind them. “If it’s made up, then who’s screaming?” Brian asked. “We’re the only ones here.”

© 2015 Nortina Simmons

12 thoughts on “Prom Night

  1. Dear Nortina,

    It’s true, there is a ghost story for every town. I remember telling them around the campfires in scouts. Probably the same one with changed characters and location. 😉

    Looks like this one is about to have a different outcome.



    Liked by 1 person

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